Demo Page on Multiplayer configuration

Demos are recorded games which had been played before.


It is possible recording a game in Xonotic. Those recorded games are called Demos. Besides their intended purpose saving played matches, it is also been used as a proving instrument since Demos are saved as binaries and so hard to edit.

Saved PathEdit

One of the differences between Nexuiz and Xonotic is Xonotic saves configurations into home / user directory. Logically every different Operating System handles those user specified configuration under a differnt path.

Windows XP - Windows 7 \My Games\xonotic\data\demos
Linux ~/.xonotic/data/demos
Mac ~/.xonotic/data/demos

~/Library/Application Support/xonotic/data/demos

Capturing Demos into Video formatsEdit

For capturing a demo into a video format such as .ogv or .avi, Xonotic provides useful commands to let that happen. Here is an example how to capture very quick into the ogv format:

  1. Go into the Mutliplayer Window and access your demo by clicking the Demo tab.
  2. Double click your demo for a playback.
  3. During the playback go into command line by pressing ctr+^ and write cl_capturevideo 1 to start capturing. Dont worry, it is normal when playback is slowing down.
  4. To stop capturing, write cl_capturevideo 0 into command line. You are done.

As you can imagine the path of your captured video is likely similar compared with the demo path:

Windows XP - Windows 7 My Games\xonotic\data\videos
Linux ~/.xonotic/data/videos
Mac ~/.xonotic/data/videos
~/Library/Application Support/xonotic/data/videos

For more information, visit

Demoseeking Edit

To quickly seek to highlights of a demo:

exec input-demoseeking.cfg

This will bind keys ',' and '.' to seek +/- 5 seconds, and keys 'm', '/' to seek +/- 30 seconds.

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