Modifies basic Game Types for different gameplay. Can be combined with Mutators. The Instagib mod is seen in the Mutator menu despite being a mod.

Xonotic Pro Mode (XPM) Edit

Prevents players with 100 health or armor from taking 25 and 50 to give other players a greater chance of rebuilding stack. Shards/pills and Megas can still be taken. Often combined with deathmatch and a standard in duel, this mod can also be combined with any Game Type.

Xonotic Defrag Mode (XDF) Edit

The mod active in the CTS and Race Game Types. High-speed racing gameplay where players compete to finish the course the fastest. Slightly modified physics remove the speed limit and reduce the ideal speed of circle jumps. Leaderboards are stored on each server but players can see their personal bests on any server.

Vehicles Edit

VTOLs, spider mechs, jetpacks, land speeders, jets, tanks, and more. Intuitive controls, large maps, and typically CTF. On some servers, this is combined with nade mods for even more chaotic matches.

Nades Edit

Come in a variety of types. The offhand hook bind or drop weapon bind throws the grenade. Hold the throw key to cook the nade. Press f8 to switch grenade types. Types include:

  • Normal - Frag grenade. Explodes.
  • Napalm - Shoots several napalm globs in a circle around the nade. Touching these will ignite players and likely kill them.
  • Nitro - Freezes enemies in a large radius. Lethal.
  • Translocate - Teleports the player to where the nade "explodes".
  • Spawn - Creates a spawn point that can be respawned on three times.
  • Healing - Regenerates health in a large radius around the nade.
  • Entrap - Slows movement within a large radius for 12 seconds
  • Pokenade - Spawns a creature. Four creatures can be alive at one time. Options include:
    • Zombie: Medium speed melee attacker. Can be ridden for movement speed higher than running (but not as fast as strafe jumping).
    • Spider: High speed melee attacker. Drops 25 health on death.
    • Wyvern: Flying monster.
    • Shambler: Large, slow melee attacker. Drops 100 health on death.
    • Random: Spawns all of the above and a marine at random.

Instagib Edit

  • All players have exactly one weapon: the MinstaNex.
  • All players start with 10 cells.
  • All Nex and Rocket Launcher pickups are replaced with cell pickups.
  • Cell pickups only add 5 cells.
  • All other pickups are removed. This includes cell pickups that would otherwise be on the map.
  • If a player runs out of ammunition, they will be given 10
  • seconds to find some. During this time, they will be dealt constant damage, alerting other players that they have ran out. If they find some, their health will be restored to 100. If they do not, they will die.
  • Dropped MinstaNexes are worth 10 cells.
  • The upper limit on the numer of cells is removed.
  • 100 health pickups are replaced with Extra Life powerups.
  • Powerups are always either Speed or Invisibility.
  • Any map elements that normally deal damage but don't kill instantly deal no damage.
  • This disables the Blood Loss mutator as well, as there is no way to deal damage to a player without instantly killing them.

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