Warfare is an official map of Xonotic.


Being a map without a Vortex, one does not need to stack in preparation for damaging sneak hitscan shots; however the only sources of armor is Mega Armor, 50 Armor, and 25 Armor making it important for the out-of-control player not to cede control of the latter pick ups.

Additionally there are corners of the map where both exits are in a line of sight, making it possible to trap or be trapped in specific positions by weapons such as but not exclusive to Mortar and Devastator.

Trick JumpsEdit

Warfare tricks for the refined Gentleperson-000:56

Warfare tricks for the refined Gentleperson-0

Demonstration of do-able jumps for the map Warfare.

  • 0:34, from 50 armor corridor to bottom teleporter destination, this jump requires crouching immediately after jumping to prevent collision with ceiling

Blaster Jumps Edit

Lazy Laser Launches for Losers - Warfare-000:48

Lazy Laser Launches for Losers - Warfare-0


  • From Mega Health platform, shooting Mortar secondary in this position can trigger the elevator to rise.
  • Area above Crylink corner, openings are shootable from Mega Health platform
  • Crylink corner- possible to trap an opponent by shooting the doorway directly in front of Crylink, or the exit above.
  • Openings to Mega Armor- it's possible to trap an opponent by shooting down the bottom hallway or the entrance on the right
  • Elevator in Warfare- it is possible to trap an opponent by shooting Mortar secondary through the elevator shaft and/or the corridor leading to the elevator.

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